Singapore, Singapore, 19th Mar 2024 – Following the recent announcement of Singapore’s Budget 2023, Derwent Investments, a leading wealth management company based in Singapore, has offered insights into the fiscal policies and their potential impact on the investment landscape.

Derwent Investments Provides Insight into Singapore’s Budget 2023 and its Impact on the Investment Landscape

Chief Economist at Derwent Investments, Jingwei Chan, emphasized the importance of fiscal prudence in navigating the economic landscape. Chan commented, “The Budget 2023 reflects a delicate balance between addressing immediate needs and ensuring long-term resilience. With a projected deficit for FY2023, Singapore must carefully manage its resources to maintain competitiveness and sustain growth.”


Highlighting the significance of the government’s approach in diversifying revenue sources, Chan noted, “The introduction of measures such as higher taxes on high-end properties and luxury cars demonstrates a commitment to equitable taxation. This balanced approach fosters economic stability while addressing social needs.”


Edward Chandler, Director of Private Equity at Derwent Investments, discussed the implications of the budget for investors and businesses. Chandler stated, “Budget 2023 presents opportunities and challenges for investors. The focus on enhancing competitiveness and infrastructure investment aligns with the long-term investment strategy of Derwent Investments.”

Derwent Investments Provides Insight into Singapore’s Budget 2023 and its Impact on the Investment Landscape

Chandler emphasised the importance of resilience amid global uncertainties, remarking, “As Singapore navigates through economic shifts, prudent investment strategies are crucial. Finance experts within the company remain optimistic about the investment landscape, leveraging their expertise to identify opportunities for clients.”


Looking ahead, Derwent Investments anticipates the fiscal policies outlined in Budget 2023 to shape the investment landscape. According to Chan, “The prudent fiscal stance adopted by Singapore is essential for sustained growth and resilience. Derwent Investments is committed to providing clients with strategic investment solutions in line with the evolving economic landscape.”


Derwent Investments remains dedicated to empowering clients with insights and expertise to navigate the dynamic investment landscape in Singapore and beyond.


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