BATON ROUGE, La., Oct. 24, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In the winter of 2019, the National Football League hosted its Helmet Challenge Symposium in Youngstown, Ohio, bringing together 300 engineers, manufacturing experts, and innovators from across the country. The goal of that event was to foster collaboration among an array of experts in various fields, with the desired outcome being a safer football helmet.

Among the attendees was LSU Mechanical Engineering Assistant Professor Hunter Gilbert. He returned to LSU's campus and soon began work on a prototype with LSU Assistant Professor Genevieve Palardy and former LSU Associate Professor Warren Waggenspack. More than three years later, the team is nearing delivery of that prototype for testing.

"We started working on our own ideas in 2020 after being introduced to the problem, and we've continued to work towards improving helmet performance since then," Gilbert said. "We quickly realized that the problem extends far beyond American football, although that is probably the most visible market for the general public. The project's goal is to produce a helmet that outperforms all other helmets on the market today, specifically regarding protection and isolation from head impacts.

"We intend to have a first prototype helmet incorporating new technology and ready for testing by summer of 2024. The design process is iterative, though, and we expect that what we learn from the testing of ...

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