Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 8th Oct 2023, King NewsWire Dream Advertising and Ladyz Fuzion hosted their second season of She International Pageant on 16th September 2023 in Dubai at Shangrila Hotel Dubai where they celebrated beauty, intelligence, and accomplishments of women from diverse backgrounds. It empowered women and promoted gender equality by providing a platform for contestants to showcase their unique talents and stories. The pageant recognized the achievements and ambitions of women, fostering their personal growth and global impact.

Dream Advertising and Ladyz Fuzion’s successful event She International Pageant – Season 2 was held at Shngri-La Hotel Dubai on 16th September 2023

Additionally, the pageant encouraged contestants to actively participate in philanthropic activities and recognized that beauty extends beyond physical appearance. It also provided valuable networking opportunities with industry professionals, influential personalities, and former pageant winners.

Contestants were not evaluated only on their physical appearance but also on their poise, confidence, intelligence, and passion for making a positive impact on women.

The pageant had a strong emphasis on ethical conduct, ensuring fairness and transparency throughout the entire process. The esteemed panel of judges, comprised of influential personalities from various industries, who evaluated the contestants based on their overall performance, confidence, beauty, talent, and on their outstanding qualities.

The pageant winners were Geetu Gopinath (Winner), Niharika Sharma (1st Runnerup) and Mamta Arora (2nd Runnerup), Rashmi Chandekar (Brand Ambassador of Al Inekas Salon), Khushboo Dodia (Brand Ambassador of Desi Ethnicity)

She International Pageant was much more than just a beauty pageant. It was a glamorous celebration of intelligence, and empowerment, a platform that enabled women to express themselves, serve society, and advocate for positive change. It united women from diverse backgrounds and celebrated their accomplishments, ambitions, and contributions.

The event was supported by Al Inekas Ladies Salon Sharjah,, 89.1 Radio 4 FM, B4U Plus and Khaleej Times.

The guests witnessed the beauty, elegance, and grace that She International represents and observed extraordinary celebration of womanhood. The designer wear from Desi Ethnicity, NF Fashions, Prasha and Nado collection rocked the stage and jewellery was provided by Vinanti Manji and The Patina House. The fabulous gathering of fashion, dancing and singing ended with sumptuous dinner and they all enjoyed the evening of sophistication and glamour.

Ladyz Fuzion and Dream Advertising announced their next flagship event on 5th November 2023 in Dubai – She Awards-Season 3 which will award 50 ladies doing excellent work in their respective fields.

For registration, participation and inquiries, please email or Whatsapp: +971 56 3750240

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